Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep the Lid on It!

Some of us are parents now and others may be parents in the future. I got inspiration to do my voicethread on fire safety from an experience my friend and her daughter had. My friend was in the kitchen cooking dinner for her family. Her daughter, to make a long story short, got burnt pretty badly. I have a two year old daughter and I feel that sometimes as parents we don't think bad things like burns will ever happen to us or our children. The scary thing is that they do and all they take is one second.


  1. This was a great presentation. It was very informative and well done. I'll definitly keep these tips in mind should I ever be lucky enough to have children of my own. Thanks!

  2. Great job on your voicethread. I think it is full of alot of practical knowledge that people can use in their everyday lives, such as leaving handles turned inwards and using the BACK burnrers while cooking. The pictures even evoke emotion to add to your informative voicethread. Kepp up the fabulous work!