Sunday, March 21, 2010

Power of Sharing Apps

Follow the yellow brick road to the world of apps. This was an excellent way of demonstrating the importance of apps.

The most important thing I took away from this video was that the apps are there we just have to find out where they are and how to use them. The end of the video really stresses the importance of sharing. Sharing is the key.

The video discusses search engines, widgets, research apps, communication and collaboration. In the past I have always gone to the library to do research or just went to a google search engine. Now there are so many options. Options I never knew were out there. These personal learning networks are allowing kids to think more outside of the box. I don't remember getting so into depth about any of these apps. I never questioned things like this because I didn't understand them.

What I will take away from this video and hopefully use someday in my own teaching are all the free website available. I want to be able to give my student good resources. I also want students to be able to critically think about things. I was never taught a lot about safety on the Internet or what we call digital footprints. I am using things like myspace and facebook and not even realizing they could potentially hurt my future if misused. These are things I want to teach my students. I also want to teach them that part of learning is sharing.

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  1. I love your post about the Wizard of Apps. Especially the paragraph about incorporating Apps into your own classroom. I wasn't taught about digital footprints until my 20's. That makes me glad that Myspace and Facebook wasn't available to me when I was in middle or highschool. Now I see children as young as 8 that have their own Facebooks. Do they know about digital footprints? Are their parents monitoring their personal information that their children are sharing and who they are sharing it with? It is so very important to teach about safety when it comes to the Internet.