Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jennys Survey Says

I chose the following question to put on my google form in order to learn more about my classmates. Using google forms can be very beneficial in the classroom. This type of technology can be a way to allow teachers to get to know their students. Something fun to do would be to make maybe an interest inventory at the beginning of the year so that you can try and incorporate those topics in with the curriculum. This type of form can be useful to lots of other people as well. You could even use this with the parents of you classroom children. I found this to be a very useful tool.

Fun Media Equals Creativity

In Sams video we get to see how through the use of media we can be creative learners. Perhaps the biggest take away from this video was that not all children shine in the same way and by letting Sam use media she is able to shine and perform at her best. By using technology some students are alowing themselves to step out of the box and come up with new and different ideas.

In my experinces over the years of course my use of media has increased. I can remember when cell phones first came out and everyone talked on them all the time. Now like Sam points out in the video people are texting more than talking. Things have changed in just a few years. I really like the point about the baby doll. Sam says, Iwasn't given a baby doll I was given a video camera. Well when I was younger my mom didn't have a video camera. They were too expensive. This just shows you how much our society is advancing.

So in the education field I only see technology growing bigger and bigger. I think all of the videos we have seen in class relate to one another. I have said before that as teachers we have to be willing to learn. The video talks about the boy understanding how his parents felt by getting advice from the younger generation. Well as a teacher I have to be willing to allow my students to teach me. It is also all about trail and error. I can't be afraid to try new things. Part of the good thing about technology is that there is plenty of room to explore.

Tony's Resale

I chose to do my presentation on my business Tony's Resale. This is an upscale consignment shop located in Norman Oklahoma. I decided to take this opportunity to advertise for the store. I am very pashionate and proud of my store. This is one of my many accomplishments to look back on later in life. Hopefully I will lead some of you into the consigning world and allow you to save money and make money as well.I plan on actually using this presentation in the future. I would like to make a website for the store and put these pictures on it. This was a very useful assignment for me. From this class of everything we have done I see myself taking away this presentation more than anything.

Thank you. Come in and check us out.