Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Learning Things We Love.

The video project learning an overview is all about the children learning not by a classroom setting but by a hands on approach. Today teachers are finding that children would much rather be active doing things they want to learn about rather than what they are told they have to do. This makes sense to me because I feel some students are learning things they will never again use in their lives. We should be allowing them to learn information they will be able to put to use. There are many ways for kids to express the things they use through power points, orally, and even written. As said in the video the children are becoming the directors of their own learning. Eventually when I make it to my own classroom I would love to allow my students to be able to learn what they want. This isn't always possible in classrooms because of the certain curriculum we have to have and also all the testing. But even just doing something as simple as asking the children their top five things they want to study could help. This shows that you are interested in what they like and it allows them to be active. Then maybe I could work it into my lessons somewhere. Also I really don't want my children to be stuck reading text books all the time. I think that works well for some children but not all. Overall the video was a great look at allowing children to explore and learn more.


  1. Your passion for allowing students to learn material other than the stated curriculum in to be lauded. I would like to direct you to Rafe Esquith's site.
    He teaches in California. His classroom is incorporated and he takes his students around the world. He too has a philosophy of letting students learn through fun projects. He has a documentary out that is available on Netflix. He is a wonderful teacher.

  2. I have seen Rafe speak in person and he's very motivational as well as inspirational.