Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Some might say bringing blogging into the classroom may have both it's benefits and draw backs. In the video Blogging Buddies, children express both their likes and dislikes of the use of blogging in their classroom. The system is set up similar to a pin pal relationship only there is a younger child who acts as the blogger and a pre service teacher who acts as the blogger mentor. The objective of the teachers was to increase the children's ability to write, spell, punctuate, and form proper sentences using technology such as a blogging website. Most of the students interviewed in the video had nothing bad to say about the blogging program. The teachers found that it was not only helpful for the children but for the teachers as well. The teachers were learning how to give positive constructivism. The teachers were also focusing in on the good in the children's writing which gave the children the motivation to write more and better. Both teachers agreed that if anything could be changed it would be to have the teachers make shorter comments. Overall this program was found to be very affective in the progression of the students learning, reading, and writing.

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