Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Links to Learning

New Zealand teacher Kiwi shares her learning techniques of classroom 9. In this video six year old children are being taught reading, spelling, physical education, music, and even math using tools such as learning hubs, blogging, and white boards. The teacher has found things like emails and YouTube to be useful in teaching many lessons. The video discusses the objectives the teacher has for each child. The children will become more independent and also active learners. Many of the children become motivated to find new easy ways to learn. One benefit I find is that as a teacher you can introduce a topic but in many different ways. Another benefit the video discusses is the fact that it makes things go much faster and they are very organized. An example of this is when the teachers showed us the learning hub. This is where the children have all the links they will ever need for that class. It's fast and simple to find what they are looking for. Because the classroom only had three computers this encouraged students to work mainly in groups. Often times the classroom would interact with other classrooms. Laying out all the different possibilities teachers have with using technology is becoming more and more of a hot topic among professional teachers, schools, parents, and everyone involved in the education classroom.

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