Thursday, April 29, 2010

Born into the New

Orientation into second life is much like orientation into our own life. This video presents some of the major difficulties the E Learning System is facing.

The main point I took away from this video was that users of second life need to have a familar place to begin orientation in. When teaching people to use second life we need to remember to try and find ways that get that person involved. Often people are confused when they enter into unfamilar teritory and so we need to make second life a confortable environment for the users.

I know absolutly nothing about second life. The closest thing growing up for me would be video games. Video games are sort of like second life to me. I think that this video is right when it says that entering into programs like this is at times very overwhelming and confusing. This is why orientation is so important.

I can't see really using anything like second life because I know nothing about it. Just as the video talks about most people when in an unfamilar situation don't want to learn. But if I were to use any type of second life system in my teaching I would now know that I should put orientation in a classroom setting for the students. This will create a familar environment for them to learn in.

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